D -タップ→ 4ピンXLRメスエルボコイルケーブル


  • Product Detail:
  • 1.This cable is designed to power LED flash light panel box or director monitor with 4-pin XLR power port from a D-Tap port found on many high-capacity V-Lock or Anton Bauer batteries and also on some other power distributor systems
  • 2.The 4-Pin XLR connector is made of metal to make sure it can be attached to the device steadily and is right angled to reduce the likelihood of damage to the power port if the cable is snagged
  • 3.Elbow design save more space
  • 4.Cable length: about 46cm,1.5 Ft
  • 5.Weight: 87g


D -タップ→ 4ピンXLRメスエルボコイルケーブル



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