SOONWELL MT1 LED Video Light Tube RGBW IP68 Waterproof


Light Type: RGBW LED Light

Colour temperature: 1600 - 20000k

CRI: 96+

TLCI: 97+

Control Mode: Manual or APP

Waterproof Class: IP68

Battery parameters: 3.6V, 7650mAh

Rated output power: 10W

Operating temperature: 0° - 45°.

Magnet: built-in

Charging port: Type-C

Battery operating time: 2.8 hours of operation at maximum brightness

Battery recharging time: about 4 hours

Screw hole: 1/4"-20" threaded mounting hole

Package dimensions: ∅40.6*35mm

Net weight of the article: 500g



Package list:

MT1 RGBW LED tube light * 1

Mini desk tripod * 1

USB Type-C cable * 1

Tube light connection accessories * 1

EVA carry bag * 1

Non-slip hand strap * 1

User's manual * 1

SOONWELL MT1 LED Video Light Tube RGBW IP68 Waterproof

$155.00 通常価格
  • This product is built-in with magnet, careful use with person who has magnetic metal inbody!


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